We could not run our program without Horse Leaders!


What is a Horse Leader?

A Horse Leader (HL) is responsible for arriving 30 minutes prior to the class starting so they can brush and tack their assigned horse. The Horse Leader must be a very experienced horse person capable of safely controlling the horse in a variety of scenarios. Most of our students require a Horse Leader actually leading the horse by a lead rope. It is the Horse Leader’s job to pay close attention to the Instructor’s direction. We pride ourselves in having highly qualified Horse Leaders capable of maintaining the highest level of safety in our lessons, but Horse Leaders must remember that they are there to support the Instructor.

Horse Leader Training is by invitation only. However, if you think you are qualified to be a Horse Leader, please contact Sam Lape at Volunteer@TRIOhio.org.

Who can be a Horse Leader?

  • Horse Leaders must have extensive horse experience,
  • Horse Leaders must attend additional training – by invitation only
  • There are no height requirements
  • Must be physically capable of walking for 30-45 minutes at a time, and jogging short distances (20-30 feet).
  • All TRI Volunteers must be at least 14 years old.
  • Horse Leaders for the Horses Assisting Heroes Program must also be Veterans.

Horse Leaders are asked to commit to 1 night (or day) a week (about 3 hours) for the full duration of the session (8 weeks). All Horse Leaders are expected to give advance notice for any absences. It is difficult to find subs the day of the class and if a sub is unable to be found, it may result in your student not being able to ride. Remember, your student depends on you!

How do I sign up?

New to TRI? You’ll first need to attend a Side Helper Training and volunteer as a Side Helper for 1 Session.

Already Trained as a Side Helper? Contact Sam Lape at SLape@TRIOhio.org if you think you’re a candidate for Horse Leader training. All Horse Leaders must attend an additional training before volunteering in this role. All candidates for Horse Leading must be approved by the Program Director. If a volunteer is interested, but not yet qualified, TRI Staff will do their best to make recommendations for necessary training/education.

Horse Leader Trainings are arranged on a quarterly basis by invitation only.