TRI Committees


In 2014, we need to identify the assets, resources and gifts that exist within each of us, and then, we need to build the relationships that will enable us to multiply these resources for the benefit of our students.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

~ Helen Keller

Please consider joining a TRI Committee.

All Sub Committees listed will be led by a Co-Chair and supported by a network of Volunteers, Board Members and Staff. Find the piece that exists within your strengths and then offer to the extent that you can. There is no job too small or commitment too marginal. If you have any questions about these committees, contact the Chairs listed or Christine Pirot at or (864) 650-4967.


  • FriendRaiser
    Sub Committees Include– Silent Auction, Live Auction, Planning and Sponsorships
  • Grants – Chair: Marleen Milkis –
  • Marketing – Chair: Christine Pirot –
    Sub Committees Include – Website/Social Media & Printed Materials
  • Public Relations – Chair:  Marleen Milkis –
    Sub Committees Include – Press Releases/Recognition & Speakers Bureau For information on joining the Speakers Bureau, contact Christine Pirot
  • Small Fundraiser – Chair:  Christine Pirot –
    Sub Committees Include– Student Events, ACTHA, Merchandise Sales
  • Mailings – Chair:  Christine Pirot –
    Sub Committees Include– Thank You Notes & Special Mailings
  • Donations – Chair: Christine Pirot –
    Sub Committees Include– Sponsorships & Data Entry


  • Sessions, Camp & Horses Assisting Youth (HAY)  Chair: Michele Green –
  • Horses Assisting Heroes (HAH)– Chair: Michele Green –
  • Path Intl – Chair: Michele Green –
  • Facility/Horses – Chair: Michele Green –
  • Volunteer– Chair: Sam Lape –
    Sub Committees Include – Volunteer Trainings/Education, Group Volunteer Events & Data Entry

Other Board Committees: Contact Marleen Milkis for more information