Side Helper:

Side Helpers have a very important role in TRI lessons. The side helper is the volunteer that walks alongside their rider and provides physical or emotional support and encouragement throughout their class. Side Helpers typically develop great relationships with their student, as they work together reaching toward each rider’s individual goals. Each side helper is expected to arrive at the barn 15 minutes prior to the start of their first class, so they have time to sign-in, put on their nametag, and review the lesson plan and goals for their rider with the instructor before class begins.

Horse Leader:

The Horse Leader is the volunteer that is responsible for the horse during the riding lesson. They are responsible for arriving at the barn 30 minutes prior to their first class beginning, so they have time to groom and tack their horse and warm their horse up in the arena before class begins. Although our Horse Leaders are encouraged to develop a relationship with their students as well, but to remember their main job is to keep their horse on task throughout the lesson.