Letter from the Board Welcome back!

On behalf of The Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to welcome all of the TRI family back for our 39th year of programming excellence. Your dedicated staff and Board members have worked hard during the off-season to make sure that we are able to provide the very best classes possible for our special riders.   As the Chairman of the Board, it is my responsibility to not only guide the organization in it’s pursuit of excellence in day-to-day operations but also to look towards the future for sustainability and growth. Those of you, who know me, know that I am a big baseball fan and especially a fan of the New York Yankees. One of the Yankee greats, the beloved Yogi Berra, once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else.”   In order to avoid going somewhere else, TRI spent the better part of 2011 putting together a five-year Strategic Plan. That plan calls for a slow, yet definable growth over the next five years, with the ultimate goal of becoming a year-round program. As a year-round program, we can both serve more children and adults and offer more varied programming.   You may notice some small changes as we grow and while change is always hard, we hope you’ll see the benefits of it and keep the final goal in mind. The Board of Directors is adamant that while progressing towards our goal, we continue to maintain the quality of our current classes. If at any time, we fail to do that, we want to know about it.   Again, welcome back to the continually improving, progressive TRI that will always be the same family oriented and special rider focused program. Mr. Berra would say, “We’re changing but staying the same.”         


Tony Lupia
Board of Directors, Chair


Program News

Birds singing, flowers budding, horses shedding and green grass – all signs that spring has sprung. But here at TRI we know that spring is really near because we are planning for new classes to begin after a long wait through the winter. TRI has once again scheduled evening classes for 3 six week sessions for the year. We are also looking forward to adding a few new programs for the year of 2012. We are adding day classes for At-Risk youth and a summer camp in August. If the weather cooperates we hope to continue to offer an abbreviated fall session. TRI is a Premier Accredited Center we are also involved with the Wounded Warriors scholarship through PATH International. We hope to serve more students on an ongoing basis.   Registration forms have gone out to almost 100 students this year. We continue to receive phone calls and emails regarding interested new students so our waiting list is getting longer. The leadership of TRI realizes the great need that we have in providing quality equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) to our students and are working hard in providing the funding needed to help our program grow.   We would like to introduce a new instructor – Kindra Ropp to TRI. Kindra will be teaching during the Spring Session and is an instructor with the Discovery Riders in Bellefontaine, Ohio. She is student teaching at Centerville High School this quarter and will be graduating Wright State University with her teaching certificate this June. Our other instructors – Kim Schneider and Cindy Redolfi are looking forward to teaching with TRI again this year.   All of the staff and TRI leadership would like to thank all volunteers for your help in providing quality programming to all of our students this year. We would also like to thank all of the parents for allowing us to be a part in your child’s life. We look forward to all of the friendships made and daily miracles that will happen at TRI in 2012.  

See you in the arena,

Cindy Redolfi
Program Director


TRI’s very important STARS! Our horses!

Who are they? 

There’s Boo who is so relaxed and ever mindful of his precious rider even though he chills out when he is at the mounting block or standing still for a rider’s special exercise time. 

Pretty little Patches who loves to keep an eye on things and responds to each rider’s request with infinite care. 

Our Paint horse Jack who carefully carries the riders, listening to every command as he safely carries them around the arena. 

Sweets, our oldest horse at 33, loves our riders, but also loves her owner and wants Karen to lead her because they have been together most of Sweets’ life.

Little Dee who has a special relationship with one of our riders, Brent Kovacs, and carries him ‘oh so carefully’ around the arena.  

And, then there is Beau who at 35 has been retired from the riding program but has a home for life with TRI. He watches from his stall as horses leave for the arena remembering how much he helped our special needs students during his many years as a therapy horse.  

Our horses are very special and without them TRI’s program would not exist.  The TRI Board and staff are very grateful to each horse’s owner(s) who have either donated or leased there precious companion to TRI.  

Nickers and Neighs,

Betty Lou Townley
Equine Manager


Keeping It Natural Clinic

Therapeutic Riding and Parelli Natural Horsemanship are a natural fit. Join us in celebrating the people and horses that volunteer to make this world a better place for horses and humans. If you are involved in therapeutic riding, this special event is for you!   Horse Leaders and Side Helpers will learn how to identify different Horsenalities(tm)  to help the horse become a perfect partner. We will explore the nature of the horse and how the Parelli Seven Games help develop confidence in all situations.   The Clinic will be facilitated by our Local Parelli Instructor Team: Jesse Peters*-Licensed 4 Star Senior Instructor & Horse Development Specialist *Dependent on birth of new child   Juli Piovesan-Licensed 2 Star Junior Instructor   Tom Pompei-Licensed 1 Star Junior Instructor