Horseback Riding Programs

All TRI’s horseback riding lessons are taught by PATH International Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors. Lessons are individually tailored for each participant. The instructors are trained in utilizing adaptive equipment and techniques to facilitate learning how to ride in a safe, effective manner. Our instructors work together to create a wide variety of lesson plans that may include riding skills, games and exercises on horseback designed to meet each student’s needs. Students may have specially trained horse leaders and side helpers who work as an extension of the horse, rider, and instructor.

Adaptive Riding

Adaptive Riding is recreational horseback riding lessons for individuals with special physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges. Riders learn horsemanship and riding skills in an environment tailored to their individual needs and learning styles. We offer instruction to riders of all skill levels, from providing someone’s first contact with a horse to advanced independent riders. Most of the individual goals for those in the adaptive riding program are riding-skill based, but the benefits of riding extend beyond these goals. These benefits include improvements in physical strength, balance, coordination, mobility, self-confidence, self-control, peer interaction, and social skills. Each 30–45-minute lesson may be semi-private or group (4 student maximum).

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding is a form of Adaptive Riding for students with greater physical or cognitive challenges. Our Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors design activities for students while on horseback that may include equestrian skills, life skills, and physical exercises. Students in our therapeutic riding program will have individual goals that focus on enhancing sensory processing and physical strength. These students will have a specially trained horse leader who manages the horse and 1 or 2 side helpers who work directly with the rider under the direction of the instructor. Each 20–40-minute lesson is private or semi-private.