Equine Assisted Learning Programs

TRI’s Equine Assisted learning is conducted by PATH International Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors who are also Certified Equine Specialists in Mental Health and Learning. These programs are both unmounted (on the ground) or mounted (on the horse).

Studies show that Equine Assisted Learning has been helpful for people in the following areas: anxiety, assertiveness, confidence, emotional awareness, empathy, stress tolerance, flexibility, impulse control, problem-solving skills, self-actualization, independence, self-regard, social responsibility, interpersonal relationships, and emotional satisfaction.


A one-hour Unmounted equine-assisted learning program. In this group lesson, students will learn stable management skills which promote the development of vocational skills. Activities may include caring for the horses, stall and pasture maintenance, horse health like farrier or vet visits, and general farm chores.

This hands-on program promotes confidence, body, and behavioral awareness, following directions, problem-solving, developing a project plan as well as focusing on establishing an animal and human bond. The course is open to a wide range of disabilities. Students must be able to understand how to safely work around the horses and farm.

This is a groundwork program, no weight limit. Scheduled in a block of 1 hour per session.

Barn Buddies

This program combines the best of both mounted and unmounted lessons. This is a 2-hour weekly program whose curriculum is designed for participants to discover what it is like to own a horse. In addition to the fun of riding, students will work hard at daily horse care and stable management. General horsemanship knowledge such as simple horse health, nutrition, behaviors, and herd dynamics will be taught.

Participants must apply for this program. Class size is limited. Participants must be able to work independently both on and off the horse with limited assistance and require no side helpers. Riding weight limits apply. Scheduled in a block of sessions. 2 hours once per week.


This Unmounted program provides students who have been a part of TRI’s weekly riding programs an opportunity to learn about being a TRI Barn Assistant. Students will work alongside one of our Horse Leaders to help prepare our horses for their daily lessons. Students will be responsible for daily horse care including grooming and tacking, equipment maintenance, and horse leading for warm-up. Students will learn to recognize horse behaviors and general health. This program prepares students to eventually volunteer as a Junior Barn Assistant.

Students must apply for this program. Students must follow directions and be able to work independently with a supervisor nearby. Limited availability. Participants must be 14+ years. Groundwork lesson, no weight limit. One day per week. Time determined with Program Director.

Field Trips

TRI offers a limited number of opportunities for field trips to our farm. During your time on the farm you can expect to:

  • Learn how to groom a horse
  • Learn how to lead a horse through an obstacle course
  • Learn how to care for a horse
  • Paint with the TRI horses

To learn more, download our field trip information sheet!