Horses Assisting Youth


This program is developed for those students from 7 – 18 years old who have anger issues, low confidence and self-esteem, as well as those with emotional problems.  Students are referred to TRI by professional therapists or mental health programs.  Students are taught horse care, how to groom and tack their horse, as well as riding the horse independently.  TRI’s instructor, with the guidance of the student’s therapist, parent/guardian, and/or teacher develop individualized goals for each student; such as confidence, trust building, empathy towards other, controlling emotions, and following directions.  Each riding lesson is then geared to achieving the individual’s goals all while learning how to communicate with their horse and learning progressive riding skills.  This is a vibrant program as TRI has an ability to engage students outside of their class times.  Even after their session is completed, some students continue to return to the barn to volunteer.


Interested in Participating in this Program? 

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