The Therapeutic Riding Institute’s staff and board have been working tirelessly the last six months to raise money for our new farm in Sugarcreek Township, and are proud to say WE DID IT! Now as we look towards moving this summer, we are planning ahead for what it takes to fully stock a farm with all the appropriate equipment it will take to be successful.

Please take a look at our ‘Wish List’ and consider making a gift that will allow us to continue to grow to serve more students in the Miami Valley :

Wheel Barrows (2)

Pitch Forks (2)

Digging Shovel (1)

Brooms (5)

Push Broom (1)

Scooping Shovel (1)

100ft Hose (1)

Safety Crossties (4)

Heavy Duty Scrub Brushes (2)

Fire Extinguishers (10)

Snow Shovels (3)

Snow Blower

Aisleway Guards in Blue (2)

Garden Tools set

Truck & Trailer

**If you would like to donate one of these items off of the registry please contact Christine at or 937-619-7577.**

All items can be shipped directly to or dropped off at our new home (please call ahead for drop offs – 937-317-4001):

3960 Middle Run Road, Spring Valley, OH 45370

Just please call and let us know so we can thank you!