Meet our Horses

TRI acquires their special therapy horses  through donations, leases or purchase. All of our horses go through extensive evaluations and training before joining our classes. On average, we bring in 5 horses on trial before we find that 1 special horse that is right for our program. Our horses have to be incredibly well trained, forgiving and empathetic.

TRI is always on the lookout for the right therapy horse. If you have a horse that might be right for our program, please contact TRI’s Program Director, Michele Green at

Billie Rae 3 Hi my name is Billie Rae. I’m a 17 year old Quarter Horse mare. I am a Palamino which means I have a cream mane and tail and a golden body. I am owned by Doug and Diana Sorrell. My favorite treats are frosted mini wheats. I enjoy classes, especially when I get to walk around, but my favorite part of the lesson is being brushed! I love when my rider pets me after my lesson!
Boo Hi my name is Boo. I am the oldest horse at TRI: I am 28 years old! I am a Rocky Mountain Horse gelding.  I am owned by TRI and have been a TRI horse for 13 years. I enjoy all treats, whatever you have, I will eat! I enjoy our classes, but can get a little carried away when I trot. I love relay races because I’m super competitive. I enjoy all riders and love when they give me a kiss and a hug after a lesson.
Arizona 1 Hi my name is Arizona. I’m 18 years old and I am a Quarter Horse gelding. I am a chestnut which means I have a red brown mane, tail and body. My mom is Susan Fry and she leases me to TRI.  I love working with the TRI students, especially our students who have trouble walking. My narrow back allows them to sit comfortably. Only problem is, they make me walk with a horse leader! I don’t need a volunteer to lead me, so I spend the entire lesson looking for treats in their hands and pockets. They spend most of the lesson yelling at me and trying to keep their hands away from my mouth. At least I’m giving them something to do! Plus, you never know when you might find a leftover treat!
Nick 1 Hi my name is Nick. I am 16 years old and I am a Quarter Horse gelding. I am a paint which means I am a combination of brown and white. I am owned by TRI and was purchased through a generous grant from the Levin Family Foundation. I am the biggest horse at TRI and that’s why I get to work with a lot of our adults and Veterans. I don’t have a ton of fancy training, but I do like to be ridden. I especially like working with nervous riders – I like taking care of them. If you ever see me in a class with a nervous rider, you might see them holding on to the saddle with all of their might and clenching their legs around my belly, but that doesn’t bother me. I just walk real slow with my head low to the ground until they are brave enough to sit up tall. I love when the Instructor looks at me at the end of class and says, “good job” –  I know they mean it.
 Cheeto 1  Howdy, I am Cheeto! A 24 year old Buckskin Appaloosa horse that is happy to join the TRI herd. I was mostly ridden on trails, but I really love my new job as a therapy horse. I especially love more independent riders that use all of their natural aids!
 Echo 3  Hi, I am Echo, the newest horse to join the TRI herd. I am a 7 year old Draft/Paint Horse cross, so I am not only tall, but a flashy paint as well! I love little kids almost as much as I love playing with hola hoops and basketballs. I am really excited to be joining an amazing herd of equines, but also to be helping kids and adults that come to TRI.