Triple Crown

May 1st through May 29th


Coinciding with the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, TRI’s Triple Crown Campaign is a race among three student jockey’s to raise the most money to support TRI’s programming. Jockey’s are selected and encouraged to raise money from their friends, family, and the community. You can get involved by donating and supporting your favorite jockey or by splitting your contribution evenly amongst them. Last year, this campaign raised nearly $20,000 in support of our programming. Check back soon for information on jockey’s and to donate.

As with all TRI events, sponsorship helps to make our fundraiser even more successful! We have multiple sponsorship opportunities available and would love to feature you or your business as part of our family of supporters. For more information on sponsorship or the Triple Crown in general, please contact Isaiah Ashba, Development Director, at or by calling 937-317-4449.