congrats-karaBuddy’s Triple Crown Memorial Scholarship

Buddy’s Story

Buddy joined the TRI family in April 2014 as a lease from Cindy Dixon. His round belly, comfortable trot and outgoing personality quickly made him a favorite at the farm. For the student who feared going too fast, Buddy was the perfect match. He instilled confidence in every rider who graced his back. Simply put, he loved his job at TRI and TRI loved him. With his jockey, Kara, Buddy was the 2015 Triple Crown Winner raising the most donations and winning all three races.  Buddy and Kara were motivated to this win by their desire to raise money so that more students could experience the freedom Kara had found while on her horse, Buddy. To honor his memory, Buddy’s family has created a Memorial Scholarship to encourage all of TRI’s students to reach for the Triple Crown.

Scholarship Description

Buddy’s Triple Crown Memorial Scholarship entitles all 3 TRI Triple Crown Jockeys to one complimentary riding session during the year of their race.