We did it!!

Thank you to everyone who helped to bring this dream to life. It’s been 46 years in the making and it really did take a village. We are so excited to begin the process of packing and moving. It’s always a daunting task to pack up and move, but we’ve done it 14 times before, and we’ll make it happen one more time. Wow – even typing that feels surreal. Have we said thank you enough?! In just two short months, we’ll start programming out of a facility that is 100% therapeutic, 100% of the time. So – what’s next?

We’ll begin packing up the office in Centerville in May. We take possession of the farm in June and will start moving things over then. We’ll need help prepping the farm for us to move in. Cleaning, painting, weed eating, planting, mowing, checking fence lines, the whole gambit. Anyone interested in helping can reach out to Sam (SIngersoll@TRIohio.org) to be worked into the schedule. Remember, we’ll be running a four week summer session out of our current facility in Springboro in the month of June. We’ll take a programming break in July to move the horses over and give them time to acclimate to their new normal. At that time, we’ll also be setting up times for students to come to the barn for a tour to ease the challenge of transitioning to a new place.

SAVE THE DATE – Ribbon Cutting and Open House – July 13th

On Saturday, July 13th from 1-2pm, we’ll hold a ribbon cutting ceremony for the TRI family. Invitations will be sent out electronically soon, but save the date! We’ll then open the farm to the public for an open house from 2-4pm.

We’re new home owners! And just like any other new home owner, we’ve put together two wish lists covering all the things we’ll need to manage and care for our own farm. Ordering from Tractor Supply or Amazon is easy! Just click on the links below. You can purchase and have shipped right to TRI.