We Sadly Say Goodbye to our Friend Boo

With the heaviest of hearts we say goodbye to our dear friend Boo, who passed away at the age of 27.

Few horses impact as many lives as Boo – touching hundreds of people (riders, volunteers and staff) during his 16-year tenure with TRI. His spunkiness, quiet confidence and ability to adapt to riders of myriad sizes and habits amazing and unique.

Boo was our go-to guy – there was no game or challenge he wasn’t up for trying. Anytime we wanted to experiment with a piece of equipment or a new pattern, Boo was there to tell us if we were on the right path (few equines can wear reindeer antlers as elegantly as he did).

Boo was the first of many firsts for many people: for some, he was the first horse they saw “up close and personal”, the first they got to smell and touch. For others, his legs were the first to carry them, when their own would not. For still others, his name was their first spoken word.

Boo was the equine embodiment of our program. Our fondest hope was to permanently retire him at our new facility. Unfortunately, his retirement was too short, and we will instead have a special space or display in his honor.

His absence is keenly felt.

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