The Bootlegger’s Ball raised $192,235!

We are blown away by the generosity of the community in support of our students and families!

In 2012, after 39 years, TRI took a leap of faith and hired their first employee. Marleen Milkis took to the task with great finesse and has navigated TRI through 4 incredible years. From serving 79 students a year in 2012, TRI proudly served 240 in 2015. As we look toward the future, we are committed to serving even more. Last night was the start of something big and we are so grateful to each and every one of our guests and volunteers who poured their hearts into the Bootlegger’s Ball.

Our guests came dressed to the nines, our volunteers went above and beyond, and despite the rain, the night was spectacular! We have so many people to thank – our Honorary Chair, Jamie Schade, our Sponsors, our Guests, our Students, our Volunteers, our Board of Directors, Doug Sorrell, Bullwinkles, the Miamisburg Historical Society, Mike Elsass, Canopy Creek Farm, Troy Kaper, Tom England, John McKean, Thomas Sheibenberger, Prime Time, Chick Fil A and Joshua Jazz. This night wouldn’t have been the same without you. It was a true Bootlegger’s Ball. We hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as we did!

Be sure to check out the FABULOUS photos by:

Tom England at TRI_bootleggers)

John McKean at

Tom Sheibenberger here

If you missed the TRI video by Brennan Walden and Adam Horvath, you can find it at

80% of TRI programming is funded through the generous donations from donors and grants ensuring that costs are affordable for our students whose families face medical and care expenses every day. The success of this event means that more TRI students will benefit from added programming, additional scholarships and new opportunities!

It’s time to pause and be thankful and to celebrate!!!

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